Are Dodges Expensive?

o help you figure out what to expect from a new (or first-time) Dodge, car insurance comparison and brokerage app Jerry has put together all the information you need on if a Dodge is going to cost a lot to keep running. Dodge Challenger auto insurance has an average annual rate of $1,567 for all model years. The model year of your Dodge Charger may impact your auto insurance rate, making your rates vary between about $1,108 a year and $1,605 a year. That is, Dodge has several different models, and your auto insurance costs are determined more by your cars model rather than brand.    

Generally speaking, Dodge models are more expensive to insure compared with other types of cars. On average, a Dodge car is not expensive to maintain, but certain repairs may cost more. Dodge vehicles are not as likely to go to the shop every year — only 0.2 times, compared with an average industry rate of 0.4 — but have an increased risk of suffering from major repairs — 15%, compared with just 12% for all vehicle models.    

On average, a Dodge costs around $634 a year in standard maintenance. While that average includes both routine maintenance services and unexpected repairs, it is important to keep in mind that the maintenance costs of your Dodge can vary depending on the vehicleas age, mileage, model, location, and dependability.    

The ranking is also reflected in the yearly service costs for other similar brands, where Dodge owners paid a median of $634, compared with $652 for all cars. Well, according to RepairPal, for Dodge owners, their average annual Dodge service costs are $634 on average for all of their cars with the current model. Overall, Dodge Chargers are capable of providing drivers with a generally reliable car (3.5 out of 5.0) and they will run you about $652 a year for repairs and maintenance, according to RepairPal.    

Overall — The Dodge Charger has annual vehicle maintenance costs that add up to $652. The following graph shows exactly where Dodge Chargers reliability ranks against a few other cars, but as some comparisons, it is an overall average of 57. RepairPal gives the Dodge 3.5 of a possible 5.0-star reliability rating, ranking it 19th among 32 auto brands.    

The Power Vehicle Dependability study also ranks the Dodge near the bottom of the pack, ranking it 27th out of 30 brands. A Dodge Challenger is also expensive to insure, relative to other vehicle makes and models. Your auto insurance rates could be anywhere from about $2,258 a year to $2,766 a year depending on Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat model year. To examine the cost of maintaining your particular vehicle, we developed some summary data from RepairPal, warranty companies, and lengthy quality studies to identify both maintenance costs and the overall reliability of the Dodge Charger, and we have compared some summary data from the findings from RepairPal with results for other makes and models. 

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