How To Work Nuclear Bomb ?

Nuclear fission produces an atom bomb, a weapon of mass destruction using power released from the separation of nuclei. A nuclear blast, produced when a nuclear bomb explodes (sometimes called a nuclear detonation), involves joining or breaking apart atoms (called fusion and fission) to create a violent pulse or wave of heat, light, air pressure, … Read more

Google’s  New Android 13 Code Hints

The beta version of Android 13, a platform released in four quarters, has been released by US tech giant Google, and developers have already discovered codes hinting at a couple of devices to come. Developers have recently released the first Android 13 quarterly platform release beta, which fixes many bugs and introduces a few new … Read more

What Is EV Technology?

Using batteries to drive the electric motor, connecting to an electrical grid for charging, and using gas or alternate fuels to drive an internal combustion engine. Essentially, an electric vehicle (EV) has batteries in place of the gas tank, and electric motors in place of the internal combustion engine. Rather than being reliant on the … Read more

Why Is There No Iphone 14 Mini?

In a move that surprised many, Apple is not going to release the mini iPhone 14. Apple is not going to unveil its lineup of the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro until Apples event in September, so technically, we have no idea whether or not the iPhone 14 mini is gone forever. There … Read more

Why Did Apple Did Not Launch Iphone 9?

Apple launched the iPhone X in 2017, a year that marked the tenth anniversary of Apple. In 2017, it had been ten years since the iPhone was announced, and Apple was going to want something special to commemorate its tenth anniversary. If Apple had not chosen the iPhone X release in 2017, then technically, Apple … Read more