Can You Get A Ps5 For Retail Price?

You will find quick links to retailers that are likely to stock PS5, and widgets showing you prices and availability in real time. To help keep things fast, we also included a chart which takes you straight to the Sony Next-Gen Consoles landing page at each retailer. We have put together a handy list of the biggest retailers where we saw PlayStation 5 stock spikes, which you can find below.    

While history may tell us which retailers were more consistent in offering up PS5, understanding when they would actually have consoles in stock has proven far more difficult. Fortunately, a handful of different retailers, like Amazon and Walmart, are currently carrying PS5 consoles, while others – including Best Buy and GameStop – are likely to be stocking them again at some point. Stock drops are becoming more commonplace compared to the early months of the consoles release, with retailers both in the U.S. and UK receiving sporadic deliveries, but you will still have to keep your eyes peeled if you are looking to grab one. For the US, we are seeing consoles arrive roughly once per month from the big retailers, but PS5s are still selling out within minutes from places like Amazon and Walmart — both are due a stockpile by May.    

Most of the big retailers carry PlayStation 5 and PS5 $399 digital edition, although they tend to restock fairly randomly, and at just a few stores at once. Remember, however, the PS5 is supposed to cost $499, while the Digital Edition costs $399, so do not be caught up on third-party listings, which are frequent. The standard PS5 costs $499/PS479, and the cheaper Blu-ray-free Digital Edition costs $399/PS389 — keep in mind these UK figures are PS30 higher than before thanks to the recent price rise, although US customers are thankfully unaffected. Once games have been released for some time, the standard PS5 is generally cheaper.    

The PS5 Digital Edition does not include the disc drive, so there is no way to play physical copies of games on PS5 Digital Edition, and you have to purchase all of your games digitally. You can check out Sonys stock of the PS5 Digital Edition using the links below, saving $100 if you do not want to access the disc drive in your console. Plus, you will be able to play back your old PS4 discs on Sonys latest console, and can sell your PS5 discs once they are done, something you cannot do with the digital versions. So, by the time retailers stock up a console again, there is usually a significantly smaller chance of getting the digital edition — if they have even sold the PS5 digital edition to begin with.

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