HyperX Clutch Wireless Gaming Controller Review

HyperXs Clutch wireless gaming controller is not going to be an ideal choice for every mobile gamer — it is clearly not supported on iOS, for starters — but it is good-feeling, and is pretty nimble for people who may need a PC gaming controller too, in a pinch. In the box with HyperXs Clutch Wireless Gaming Controller, you will also get a small USB A receiver, used if you are connecting it wirelessly to your PC, as well as a long USB C-to-USB A cable, that you can use to charge, but also if you would rather have a wired PC controller. The HyperX Clutch gaming controller provides wireless connection via Bluetooth and the 2.4GHz wireless receiver, or you could use the USB-C to USB-A cable to make a wired connection, making the HyperX Clutch a highly versatile option for mobile gamers. One feature that I wish HyperXs Clutch Wireless Gaming Controller had was a cradle for mobile phones themselves.    

It should be noted that HyperXs Clutch Wireless controller is not only a controller for your smartphone or tablet, although that is exactly what a lot of people are going to be picking it up to do, it is perfectly capable of being used on PCs either over USB, over Bluetooth, or through the use of the 2.4GHz radio frequency dongle. Otherwise, the Clutch is your standard, full-sized gaming controller, with its ABXY layout, analogue triggers, and textured thumbsticks & grips, ready to go with almost every game controller-compatible title out there. In your hands, the new HyperX Clutch controller feels very similar to an Xbox Series controller, except it has soft rubber edges for added comfort. Most of the layout is identical to many that made up our best PC controllers in general (open in new tab), and it should feel familiar for most, but little touches, such as a coarser, pointed groove on the thumbsticks upper side, and the haphazard, yet more springy triggers, make for distinction. My thumbs felt a bit stiff after using the new HyperX Clutch controller, something that I am sure gets better as the sticks wear down and calluses develop, which is not the price I would pay for a comfortable game.    

Actual button responses are pretty good, with sturdy sticks that feel pretty close to proper Xbox One controls for most games. Here, too, this traditional Xbox controller layout is handled very well. Xbox-like ergonomics made the HyperX Clutch Android Controller incredibly comfortable throughout, with both its great D-Pad design and compact sticks making it fun to use across a range of games. I have previously reviewed the HyperX Charge Play Clutch Grip, which serves as an excellent way to prolong your mobile devices battery life and makes holding it a little more comfortable, but has no built-in buttons or sticks–leaving gamers with the onscreen controller, which, as we all know, is deeply lacking in terms of productivity and takes up too much real estate on smaller screens. 

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